Child and Teen Therapy in DFW

Helping children and teens navigate anxiety, depression, trauma, and beyond.

Your Children are the light of your life.

Ever since they came along, you have gained a greater sense of purpose: Making sure they grow up wholesome and healthy.

But that’s easier said than done.

Your little one may become anxious and overwhelmed.  Maybe they are constantly moody and throwing tantrums.  Your teen may defy you or perform poorly in school and other activities.  Or perhaps your whole family is going through a difficult time, and your children are suffering the consequences.

Regardless of their age, seeing your child struggle and not knowing how to help them can make you feel lost and powerless. You have tried listening and reasoning with them, but nothing seems to work. At this point, you may be tired, frustrated, and worried about things getting worse.

We know you are doing your best, but you dont have to keep fighting this battle on your own.


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How do I know if my child needs therapy?What do you talk about?Which type of therapy does my child need?

We know starting therapy can feel daunting, that’s why our goal is to make the process less intimidating.  Use our contact form to ask us anything.


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If your child or teen is struggling or if you are seeking help to better meet their needs, we are here for you. Let’s team up to support their safety and well-being.

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